Opportunity is Knocking

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June 21, 2018

This month I relinquish my blog time and space to Sarah Peters, our Preschool Director at Mary Cariola.  Sarah has been working here for eight years and as the leader of our Preschool Program she shares a unique perspective on a career with the Cariola Community.  Sarah…



What’s the difference between a job and a career?  A job is something you do simply to earn money; a career is a series of connected opportunities. A job has minimal impact on your future work life, while a career provides experience and learning to fuel your future.  Much more important is that a career is a chance to have an impact on people’s lives and make a difference in the world.  I’d like to think that at Mary Cariola Children’s Center our staff looks at their work as a career as they certainly make a difference in the lives of our students and residents.

Today at Mary Cariola Children’s Center, over 450 kids came to school to learn, to sing, to take big steps forward in accomplishing goals that were once considered impossible.  In our 6 houses nearly 50 young people diligently worked on life skills to increase their independence.  In our school and in our residences, these things happen every day because of a staff dedicated to innovation and caring.

Working at Mary Cariola offers you opportunity. Opportunity to be innovative in your thinking and your work.  Opportunity to play an integral role as children, youth and young adults reach milestones that were once thought impossible.  My career at Mary Cariola Children’s Center began eight years ago and words cannot express the rewards that I receive on a daily basis as I watch our preschool students learn, play and express themselves via social interactions with their peers and teachers. Inadequate or lack of services especially during the 3 to 5-year age range may result in learning deficits that will be even more costly at the expense of the children in our area.

The early years in a child’s life are critical in brain development, language development, academic and social skill development and problem solving ability.  Young learners need well-trained, highly skilled teachers and therapy specialists. Mary Cariola Children’s Center is the perfect place to begin or continue a career.  There are so many wonderful career opportunities within the Cariola Community.  Whether in our school or our residences your career will have meaning as you work with students and residents. We are always in search of caring teachers, clinical specialists, nurses, teacher assistants and teacher aides in the school.  In the residences, nurses are always a very big need as well as direct support professionals and crisis intervention specialists.  There are positions open on both a part-time and full-time basis.

One walk down a hallway in our school or a visit to our residences and you will be attracted to the children and youth who make up Mary Cariola Children’s Center.  These are the kids that need your expertise, your care and your dedication. I encourage you to visit the employment page on this website.  It lists all the open positions with a description and instructions on how to apply.  Take advantage of this opportunity and make an impact on people’s lives—the children, youth and young adults of Mary Cariola.  You will be glad you did.