Fitness and Fun on Campus!


People with disabilities are less likely to engage in physical activity while obesity rates for children with disabilities are 38% higher than for those without. Thanks to funding from Agency friends, Mary Cariola has two new fitness areas that will give our students additional opportunities to get up, get outside and move!

The two fitness and activity areas were recently completed on the East Henrietta Campus! With the support of Senator Joe Robach and several other donors, the areas have become a popular destination at school.

The advantages to our students are many. The outdoor fitness circuits enhance gross motor skill development and circuit training offers strength building and muscular endurance. The various activities promotes self-awareness, and help students become aware of their bodies in relation to the environment. Exercise also assists with calming and relaxing students while improving focus and attention to tasks.

Each piece of equipment was selected to meet the needs of older youth, is more age appropriate for their activities, and is wheelchair accessible. The circuits include non-slip ground surfaces and feature A Balance Walk, The Fun-Semble (a variety of 17 instruments creating tone and rhythm,) a Hand Cycle and a GTfit Elliptical, which provides a low impact full-body workout using magnetic force resistance.

Circuit activities will complement our adaptive physical education and physical therapy programs by engaging our students in healthy physical exercise.

fitness circuit EH.jpg