Just What the Doctor Ordered

eh medical suite 1.jpg

Mary Cariola’s new medical suite offers a spacious, soothing environment to put students and staff at ease.

Thanks to funding from Assemblyperson Harry Bronson and Agency friends Kate and Doug Lyon, the new space on our East Henrietta campus features 925 square feet which is nearly four times the size of the former medical suite.

The new space features two treatment rooms, a secure medication room, office space and a conference room. The monthly clinic of the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics can now accommodate students and families in this new area, eliminating the need to travel to the Elmwood campus.

Students enjoy ownership and a sense of independence as they push the medical suite doorbell and check in for a visit. Parent feedback has been positive as they can now have their child participate in the URMC monthly clinic, while the medical professionals can observe students in their school environment.

For our nursing team, the expanded area provides for better nursing care.

“We are so excited about this new area,” said Lead Nurse Erica Morrison. “We have more room to interact with staff and students, we have separate areas to ensure the privacy of phone calls, it’s accessible for first responders, wait time has decreased and we’ve seen less anxiety from students. We can maneuver around so much better now.”

The East Henrietta nursing team provides 40 medical services daily, not including the occasional sprains, temperature checks and Band-Aid applications that are happily provided to students and staff.

“Our new area exemplifies our commitment to taking care of our students and staff in a professional environment while reminding everyone of our exceptional quality of care,” Erica said.

eh medical suite 2.jpg