Volunteer Your Time and Talents!


At Mary Cariola, a volunteer is someone who may be giving their time to organize a library, while another uses their work experiences to assist our education & Training department in creating new resources for teachers.

A Cariola volunteer helps the HR staff sort and file job applications, and another enters data for the advancement office in order to secure donations. A Cariola volunteer greets the buses and helps preschoolers to their classroom. Of course, every member of our Board of Directors is a volunteer, and let us not forget the battalion of volunteers it takes for special events like Walking on Sunshine. Just think, the next Cariola volunteer could be you!

By definition, a volunteer is a person who gives of their time and willingly undertakes a service for no pay and in most cases, for a cause or non-profit organization. There are a multitude of organizations with worthy causes and need for volunteers. At Mary Cariola, our need for volunteers is great and our cause is driven by the children and families we serve. A lot goes into being a Cariola volunteer. Important training takes place in order to better understand those we serve. A schedule needs to be arranged, duties need to be assigned and supervisors need to be in place, and when they are, ah, the rewards! Those rewards come in many forms: the joy a child displays as they come into the library for reading time, the satisfaction in knowing volunteer service helps in identifying new staff, the sense of accomplishment as potential donors become aware of our mission, and the hug from a preschooler who just graduated from our program. This gratification is worth more than money can buy, and it is at the very core of why our Cariola volunteers do what they do.

Interested in learning more about becoming a Cariola volunteer? The first step in a gratifying volunteer experience is easy. Contact Linda Henning at lhenning@marycariola.org

You’ll be glad you did!