Community Services

Mary Cariola’s Community Services Program prides itself in offering a variety of services to assist families and provide support that cannot be found elsewhere. Community Services includes: 

Residential Program

Mary Cariola operates six residential homes across Monroe County. Our residents receive 24-hour care from expert direct care and clinical staff. The staff focuses on life skill development and assisting the individuals to experience all that life and their communities have to offer.

Each home provides a loving family environment in a residential setting. Staff members complete rigorous training in many different areas. Our goal is to enable these individual to unlock their full potential.

Family members are encouraged to participate in residential home activities.   Families can visit, take their child home for an overnight, participate in program planning meetings and stay informed with school or house activities.  Family involvement is the key to the continued success of each child’s development.

Direct Support Professionals Work Together

Behavior Management Services

Our Behavior Management Services program helps eligible families who have children with significant behavioral challenges who live at home. Each individual receives a Functional Behavioral Assessment and a Behavior Support Plan developed specifically for him or her by a Behavioral Intervention Specialist.  

The plans address the behavior that is most challenging for the family, providing concrete ways to assist the individual in reducing the negative behavior and developing positive replacement behaviors.  Family members will implement this plan and track data to review progress.  This program includes family training, monitoring, review and oversight for each plan and participant throughout their time in the program. This can be a stand-alone service. 

For more information contact our Waiver Services Manager, Maureen Chaffer at or 585-359-0761

Enhanced Waiver Services Program

Enhanced Waiver Services is uniquely designed for individuals who have significant behavioral challenges and have not been successful in traditional Home and Community Based Waiver Services.  These services are Enhanced Community Habilitation and Habilitative Respite. Participants have to be OPWDD eligible and enrolled in the Home and Community Based Waiver.  

In Enhanced Community Habilitation, our highly trained staff provides direct care services in the family home and in the community.  Our staff implements the Behavior Support Plans developed through our Behavior Management Services to ensure consistency and success.  High levels of oversight and monitoring are included in this service. This is not a stand-alone service and has to be paired with Behavior Management Services. 

We are proud to be the first Agency in New York State to offer Habilitative Respite, provided by our Bailey Road Individual Residential Alternative (IRA). It includes habilitation plans (consistent with the community habilitation plans), as well as, the behavior support plan. The participants will have longer scheduled stays that are rotated throughout the year. This is not a stand-alone service. Participants need to be receiving behavior management services and enhanced community habilitation.

For more information contact our Waiver Services Manager, Maureen Chaffer at or 585-359-0761