Smart School Bond Act

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View the Presentation

Mary Cariola was recently notified of a one-time funding opportunity in the amount of $90,000 via the Smart Schools Bond Act. The Smart Schools Bond Act was passed in 2014 and authorized a one-time $5 million bond to finance educational technology capital projects for students with disabilities.  Schools which can benefit from these funds are approved private special education day schools such as Mary Cariola.

As part of the process to receive the funds, we are required to submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan to demonstrate how the funding will be used to provide educational tools and opportunities to students with disabilities to succeed in the 21st century economy.  The plan needs to: demonstrate a linkage between our long-term educational plans and the technology investment; include learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom through the use of technology; and address the educational needs of all of our students. Mary Cariola has developed a plan that uses our current resources and equipment along with the funds received through the Smart Schools Bond Act to ensure that we are meeting the above-mentioned criteria.

Mary Cariola intends to enhance teaching and learning on a sustainable basis through upgrades in technology.  We are currently considering things such as touch activated classroom boards, eye gaze activated computers, and ipad applications. The school currently uses computers in the classrooms and labs, and shares iPads and Smartboards in several shared locations.  The planned expenditures will seamlessly integrate with platforms and systems currently in place and make them available to all students and staff.

For our students, the use of interactive technology in instruction increases attention to task, accuracy of response, social interaction and language development.  Being able to manipulate items on a screen rather than a static worksheet is beneficial to our students who need multi- sensory learning approached.  Furthermore, NY State Alternate Assessments have moved to an on-line format. In addition, the curriculum we use is enhanced by the use of technology. Increased access to technological opportunities will help Mary Cariola: 

  • Enhance differentiated instruction and expand student learning beyond the classroom;

  • Ensure equal access with these improved educational services and learning opportunities for all of our students;

  • Leverage technology to provide additional technology-related learning opportunities for our students;

  • Promote a framework that recognizes the strengths, needs and skills of diverse learners; and

  • Advance our school’s short and long term educational goals.

  • Allows staff to better use data to provide evidence-based solutions for student learning

Please direct questions to Laura Wink by email or at 271-2897 (1230). The plan was presented to Mary Cariola's Board of Directors and approved. 

The Dignity for All Students Act

New York State’s Dignity for All Student’s Act (Dignity Act) took effect on July 1, 2012 to provide NYS public school students with a safe, supportive learning environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying. Schools across New York State are working hard to implement the requirements and communicate implementation goals to parents and the whole school community.

Dignity Act Coordinators for Mary Cariola Children's Center

Keri Lazenby-Neathawk
585-271-0761 ext. 1567

Rachael Stell
585-271-0761 ext. 1202