We’ve got the beat!

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There’s a whole lot of music and fun happening in our residential homes thanks to a grant from the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation.

Mary Cariola’s residents enjoy visits from music therapists from Hochstein Expressive Arts: Wellness Through Creativity program. The program allows our residents to express themselves in adaptive music sessions. Kristina Jewell, Music Therapist from Hochstein visits our State Road residence on a weekly basis to conduct a lively and engaging music hour.

The goal of Music Therapy is to facilitate positive changes in behavior and emotional well-being. Sessions become a social activity involving communication, listening and sharing. From a therapeutic perspective, music becomes an important learning tool. Repetition within music is enjoyable and fun. Music also provides significant memorization assistance. Everyone can participate in music as an individual or as part of a group. Successful participation can motivate individual to pursue additional activities.

Individuals from our Community Habilitation program attend Dance Therapy sessions at Heritage Christian Services, while residents from Kreag, Rush, Bailey and East River residences receive Dance Therapy in the comfort of their homes.

Dance Therapy provides numerous benefits including the ability to express emotions, provide stress relief, increases physical fitness and gross motor skills development, improved confidence and it encourages creativity and imagination.

We are grateful to the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation for bringing the sounds of music to our residents and allowing others to dance the night (and day) away!

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