A lot has happened since 1949

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October 20, 2017

By Karen Zandi, President/CEO

If you happen to be an observer of societal changes in history or a child of the late 40’s and 50’s you can easily look back and see that Mary Cariola was ahead of her time. Back then medical professionals and educators who worked with children with disabilities urged families to place their children in institutions.  At the time it was thought that an institution was the best place for kids to be cared for and protected.  Then along came Mary with an innovative approach to education, care and dedication to find the potential within each child and a belief and passion for supporting families who were determined not to institutionalize their children.

In 1949 the milestones that we meet and exceed today, could only have been imagined.  Now there is no limit in meeting the challenges for the individuals we serve—the fact is what may seem impossible is really just an opportunity waiting to be taken. Mary Cariola was ahead of her time, for what she knew then is what we know now; by hard work, dedication and vision; standards can be set that will unlock the potential that is inside every child, youth and young adult with complex disabilities.

As we look at Mary Cariola Children’s Center as a whole, there are so many people who touch our families and children’s lives and make a difference.  Our staff is remarkable in the work they do.  Our families entrust their loved ones to our care. Donors, both personal and corporate continuously provide the necessary funds that allow our innovation to shine.  There are truly not enough ways we can show our appreciation other than continuously staying true to our mission.

Each month I will post a blog here on our website that will provide you with a window into my community observations as well as the events and the people who make up Mary Cariola Children’s Center.  I will pass on success stories as well as provide insight into our challenges. Occasionally, you may even find a guest blogger like our school superintendent, teachers, therapists, residence managers and others who will share their thoughts and vision too.  Please check back for updates and tell us what you think too.